Psyche’s Journey Online Seminar

Date: Oct. 9th - 22nd
Time: Daily self-paced
Location: Remote – Private group on Facebook
Price: $250/ person for 14 days of learning the wealth of ancient, occult knowledge and embodying true love & authentic beauty

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Psyche’s Journey: An online living resurrection/inner marriage ritual.

For 14 Days, we will journey through the myth of Psyche and Eros. This ancient story is all about getting married on the inside!

Due to its intensive format and process, this curriculum is designed to get to the core of attachment wounds,
in order reunite you with the beloved who awaits you!

Each morning there will be a post in the private Facebook group with a portion of the story of Psyche, journal prompt, astrology lesson, creative/expressive arts assignment, and a tarot reading prompt. Of course, I will also make offerings from the cutting edge of interpersonal neuroscience, in honor of the somatic dimension of attachment work.

This Ancient Psychology School Experience also includes a video gathering at the end, where we will share our experiences. I’ll do a transits reading and a guided imagery through Psyche’s rich world in our bodies!

These are the times to go deep like Psyche. The Underworld is full of hidden treasure!