Individual & Couples Psychotherapy

I take an approach to therapy that blends depth psychology and body-centered/experiential therapy techniques. This approach recognizes that the very symptoms or difficulties in one’s life have purpose, and that the transformation of these maladaptive defenses comes through acknowledging their sophistication and meaning and employing their instinctual wisdom. Other theoretical models, I draw from, include but are not limited to Archetypal Psychology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Evolutionary Psychology.

The process of psychotherapy, like healing in general, comes with no guarantees of cure. Even with your and my full commitment and effort, the outcome of this process will not necessarily be what you define as a “cure.” What is guaranteed is that you will be provided with information and experiential opportunities based on contemporary psychological knowledge and practical spiritual wisdom. I promise to offer you support and guidance on your healing journey, to handle your treatment and records in a competent and professional manner.

Notice: I am currently accepting new patients.