Lorís Simón Salum

Lorís Simón Salum is a Mexican-Lebanese filmmaker from Houston, TX. She graduated from Rice University with a degree in Psychology and began working for the award-winning publication Literal Magazine, where she conducted numerous interviews with intellectuals and artists such as Fátima Bhutto, Caros Cruz Diez, Abigail Disney, Lourdes Portillo, and Sandra Fluke, among many others. After directing several short films (Diarios de un desplazado, amid one of them, which premiered at Mexican activist Javier Sicilia’s “Caravan for Peace” in the U.S) she completed her first feature documentary, Ensoulment: A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture which recently won Best Documentary at the 2014 Barcelona Film Festival. Lorís is currently the Vice President for Women in Film and Television Houston while continuing her work with Literal, where she is organizing its first short film competition: Literally Short Film Awards. www.ensoulmentfilm.com