Nina Elshof

Nina Elshof is a transformational author and Feng Shui teacher. She has guided experience tours to England, Ireland, Egypt and to various power places and sacred sites in The Netherlands. Together with Dick van den Dool and Bert Ruitenbeek she researched the geomantic genesis of The Hague. She uses the practices of Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki, the colour teachings of Aura Soma, her knowledge of geomancy and over 20 years of experience in guiding processes of transition in buildings and the environment.

Nina founded the first officially acknowledged professional Feng Shui training in Holland. This training is both practical oriented and oriented toward the deeper philosophical level of knowledge of Feng Shui. In her workshops and trainings, she guides the participants – on the basis of their house – to a deeper consciousness of self. She says about Feng Shui: “A house is not just your third skin, but also the ultimate place to stimulate you to become and to be who you are. Your house has an enormous influence on you since it reflects both your conscious and your subconscious.”