Ancestor Work


Tonight is Celtic New Years Eve, the veils are the thinnest and our ancestors want to assist us. Here is a story of deep ancestry and ancient assistance. Here is my story of the Bean Sídhe:

When I was 13 years old, I was startled from sleep one evening. Since I was frightened, I sat up and patted my face to wake up and calm down. As I reclined to lay down THERE WAS A WOMAN STANDING AT THE END OF MY BED!

She was beautiful and ugly, young and old, firey and frozen, all at the same time. She was white, translucent- resembling a glass figurine that had milk pouring over it. I kept telling myself that I was dreaming…But I was not. The experience was simply beyond my comprehension, so for years I put it out of my mind.

Eight years later, I decided to go to Ireland. In preparation, I read a book about an ancestor who was High King, and a banshee appeared to his father. I was stunned as I read the description of a ghostly white woman who visited the Cheiftan of an ancient bloodline to which I belong. SHE HAD VISITED HIM TOO!

While in Dublin, I went to a heraldry shop and found a book on the Bean Sídhe (Banshee). My research revealed that these family guardians are daughters of the Tuatha Dé Danann-“Folk of the Goddess Danu”-a supernatural race of Ireland. They are the unearthly attendants of the ancient families of Ireland.

Legend has it that if they appear and sing, they are announcing the death of a family member. However, if they appear without keening, they are chasing off dark forces and announcing that the visited is “fey” and has the gift of second sight. My spectacular visitor had never sung a note. She had come to deliver me an important message.

On this Blessed Samhain, I am and will remain so deeply awed by the protection, assistance and guidance of this Sacred Feminine Spirit.

Go raibh maith agat.