Embodied Esoteric Expeditions


After 3 decades of devoting my life to being a psychotherapist and professor in the fields of Depth Psychology and Somatics, I am integrating these hard-won skills with my dearest delights: Astrology, Ancient Mysteries, Travel, Teaching, Way-showing and Writing.💛


Through 2 years of intensive transformation and transition, I have finally given birth to my Gypsy Soul! As the New Age approaches, I am deeply called to play a new role in order to usher it in. My mind, body and spirit is now “traveling light”–in both senses of the phrase!💫


Of course, I remain devoted to serving Psyche by assisting people in their healing and growing journeys as a consultant and coach. However, Psyche’s Journey will also have unique world-wide offerings for people to utilize the wisdom of our ancestors to traverse these tumultuous times.⚡️


Journey offerings will include online and in-the-flesh gatherings in potent places around the World. These sacred seminars will serve as portals made with the magic of numinous neuroscience and ancient archeoastronomical practices. Through ancient attunement practices of instruction and ritual, you can journey to the depths of your being to reconnect with yourself, others, and The Divine.☀️


Join me in becoming your most authentic self while making the world an awakened and peaceful place.🌼