Soul Tending as a Means of Embodiment


Eros & Psyche: Soul tending
Eros is the god of desire and Psyche is the goddess of soul. Their union is symbolic of the integration of mind and body.

Psychotherapy is the vocation of soul tending. It means, “healing of the soul” from the Greek words psykhe ‘the soul’ and therapeia ‘curing, healing’.

Soul Tending Is Healing

The soul of every human being is encoded with an image of desire. The ultimate symbolic aim of this desire is a human/divine marriage: The integration of mind and body. This inner union creates the wholeness that restores one to their nature: Authentic Beauty and True Love. With Body and Soul wed, we are returned to nature, where healing can occur. Healing is natural. Love bears all things.

As a psychotherapist trained in the Archetypal Psychology tradition of Carl Jung, Somatic Psychology explores and employs the vast resource of the image-rich landscape of the Psyche. This imaginal world is the well-spring of all wisdom traditions, religions, myths, and spiritual disciplines. All we need is there. All we need is here.